Friday, April 13, 2007

Videos Footages on Cluster Bombs from Youtube

There seems to be some interesting video footages about cluster bombs on youtube.
Some links and inappropriate critiques:


A really really short clip of this Australian guy filming M85 duds in some part of Lebanon. If anyone read my ridiculously long entry where I wrote about the 'smart' sub-munitions this Australian guy filming M85 cluster bomb duds tries to verify that the self-destruct mechanisms are simply malfunctioning and still leave duds as de facto land mines. I guess I'm too much of a newbie to see how he distinguishes between duds that are armed and those that are not by just looking down on them... Well neways, interesting clip if you want to see actual duds waiting to be exploded. (And by the way, these M85 cluster bombs are under the classification of 155mm projectiles, the same type of ammunition that Poongsan has been co-manufacturing with the Pakistan military.) こわいね~~~


This short documentary on cluster munitions by the Human Rights Watch is also very interesting. I think they do a little too much with the BGM, especially for the first minute of the clip (.they really sound like their christian... sorry to the devoted people out there, but they do!) The interviews are alright, not great. They really make themselves look high-profile. I take this video as an advertisement to the general public in effort to enlighten them against cluster munitions, but I feel their buying too much into emotion(like the music..) to raise awareness for 'human rights'. As much as it is an emotional and ethical issue, I think we need to elaborate on the unavoidable implications these 'human rights' arguments convey. The controversy of such 'rights' are that those stripped down to the point they actually live a 'naked life' are the ones with no legal bounds and excluded from the purview of other rights (like 'natural rights') and therefore suffice to be killed under the law(e.g. war orphans, refugees, homeless people). Well neways, chip in if you have any thoughts on this.


Looks like my favorite so far. I love their simple logic and the MC just sounds funny. Their music is again a little,,,, anachronistic? well i guess theyre trying to be cynical. Interesting how the camera is always looking 'up' at the white house. Their homepage ( has a thread to write 2008 reasons to elect a progressive president for the coming elections. so far they have 157... i hope they make it! Qualified voters give them a hand! lol


Like I wrote in the last entry, Poongsan has just made a contract with the Pakistan Ordinance Factory to co-manufacture 155mm artillery ammunitions starting this year. And this is a promotion video of the POF. I think this video is one of those 'too terrible that its funny' kind of things. The video stays consistent in trying to make themselves sound like heroes; THE FORCE BEHIND THE FORCES, WHERE SKY IS OUR LIMIT! Just too funny. It reminds me of my juvenile days when i watched transformers and ultraman and the like and thought they were cool. i wonder what kids will say if they watch this?


Interesting footage of the 'Coalition for Justice and Accountability (what a name) with other civic groups demonstrating on Easter day a cluster bomb hunt’ (instead of an 'easter egg hunt') at the traditional monday morning Easter Egg Roll in front of the White house. The first woman who spoke (Lacey?) sounded a little confused.. Nonetheless the protest seemed to have worked at least to stir up attention; here are some articles from the washington post and others that explain more about their demonstrations against cluster bombs:

tell me if you find any more videos worth watching!


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